Securing energy supply for a growing global population in harmony with environmental sustainability will be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To tackle this problem will only be possible if renewable generation can be harnessed and dispatched to match consumer needs in real-time. Our aim is for HYDROGRID to be part of that solution.


What our customers say

Daniel Moll, CEO aventron Norway

"Aventron's business is very long-term oriented, so we like to do a thorough due diligence before committing to a supplier, whether it is power plant equipment or software - but we also like to be 'ahead of the curve'. That's why it's great that we were able to very quickly set up a trial of the HYDROGRID solution and we are excited to follow the results in the online dashboard on a daily basis!"

Rune Otterstad, CEO FosenKraft Energi

"Our ecological responsibility is very important to us at Fosenkraft. That's why I am happy that the HYDROGRID system allows us to automatically manage our water resources in accordance with the requirements of the local community and fishermen."

Wolfgang Kröpfl, CEO enso hydro

“We can wholeheartedly recommend HYDROGRID as a partner for hydro power owners and investors: We were impressed with their power market expertise and rapid operational integration, but most importantly we can count on them to deliver results as projected.”

Oyvind Brattland, CEO Haneseth Energi

Hourly optimization is very resource intense and requires a lot of forecasting and planning tasks - something I have limited time for. I am very happy that my power station Kvina is now being automatically operated in an optimal way. It saves me plenty of time which I can use on other important matters. It is also very easy and fun to follow the forecast and dispatch strategy via the INSIGHT dashboard and observe that we are capturing the full potential of the plant.



Empower Intrapreneur­sHIP


A transition to a carbon free future is only possible if renewable energy sources are also profitable. So by helping our customers to increase their revenues, we also encourage additional investment in hydro generation assets. We think win-win in all business relationships and strive to align our interests with our customer’s results. That is why we have designed our business model to be performance based.

Empower Intrapreneur­ship

We take pride in our unique technology, but most importantly, we recognize that it is our team that brings us our success. We want everyone at HYDROGRID to not only be great at their job but also to love doing it and to feel ownership of their role in moving the company in the right direction. To reflect this, we have implemented a compensation scheme that allows everyone at HYDROGRID to share in the company‘s success.


It is a given that we strive to be as financially successful as possible in order to add value for our shareholders. At the same time, we believe it is our duty to also set a goal beyond ourselves: That is why HYDROGRID’s shareholder agreement dedicates a fixed portion of our earnings to projects that bring clean water and sustainable energy to the poorest 10% of the world‘s population.



Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger

Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger, received his PhD in Applied Statistics in 1975 from Kepler University in Linz, Austria, and served from 1978 until 2014 as full Professor of Statistics at the Schumpeter School of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.

Additional to his scientific career, he cofounded SAF AG in Switzerland which, by applying statistical forecasting and mathematical optimization theory, solved the problem of fully automating supply chain logistics for many large retail customers.

SAF was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2006 and bought by SAP in 2009. Since then Professor Arminger still pursues his scientific and consulting interests, but his main focus is now on developing IT and technology companies such as HYDROGRID.

Integration Partners

Become our partner and help us revolutionizing hydropower across the world! Our regional integration partners provide a fast technical support near your plants



DI Janice Goodenough


Janice Goodenough received her master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Vienna University of Technology.

For the last 10 years, she has applied her knowledge of time series modelling, forecasting and optimization in the energy industry in various positions, serving as the Manager of the Quantitative Analysis team with responsibility for all price forecasts and pricing of structured products and as Distributed Generation Manager at Austria’s largest hydro power producer.

She is regarded as an expert in the field of optimization of flexible power generation assets and is also in the board of the European Energy Analyst Meeting Steering Committee.

Andreas M. Lichtl, MA

Finance Director

Andreas M. Lichtl received his degrees in financial management and entrepreneurship from the University of Applied Sciences Vienna.

Previously, he managed a mobility startup out of Vienna as well as led international and national projects in the education and real estate industries.

As an entrepreneur and former startup CEO, he has broad experience in organizational processes, management, and finance, combining it with his passion for renewable energy and sustainability.

Kiran Madisetti, BSc

Operations Director

Kiran Madisetti received his BSc (Hons) degree in Computing Science from the University of Greenwich, London.

During his international, operational and managerial postings in UK, Central European and Turkish energy companies (such as Shell, Cinergy, Verbund and Enerjisa), he has held various Executive Management positions and Board memberships.

Having worked for over 25 years in the energy industry, he is regarded as a multi-cultural, executive manager with a broad experience in electricity and natural gas optimization, dispatch, sales and trading, customer operations, risk management, renewables and business excellence.

DI Andreas Brunner

Technical Director

Andreas Brunner received his degree in civil engineering from the Technical University in Graz.

For the past eight years, he has been a project manager for an international hydropower fund where he mainly worked with clients in Norway.

As an industry-leading expert in hydropower hydraulics and hydropower engineering, he offers his broad experience to our international customers.

Join Us


We take pride in our products and our work, but most importantly, we recognize that it is our team that brings us our success. We are committed to creating a dynamic, diverse and stimulating environment providing open communication, development opportunities and rewards.

We are currently actively searching for the positions listed below, but if none of the jobs listed fit your profile, don't hesitate to get in touch proactively - If you seek a challenge in a young, innovative and growing company then contact us today!

Frontend Developer

We are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer (m/f) to design, develop and test our web-based dashboards and mobile apps. Skills: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, React.js, React Native, REST APIs

(Online) Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a marketing specialist (m/f) to complement our innovation-driven team. Skills: Online, Print, Press, Social Media, .. Part-time possible

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