How to profit from reduced spillage

With HYDROGRID’s intelligent real-time dispatch to less spill and increased revenues

Project Overview

Stengvatnet is a dam with a small hydro storage capacity in northern Norway. Due to regular heavy rainfall events, the storage plant frequently overflowed and thus caused lost revenues, which is why the owner decided to use the automated HYDROGRID Insight Suite to optimize the power plant. Before HYDROGRID, the plant was managed in level regulation mode

0.8 GWh Production

0.3 MW Capacity

0.2 hm³ Storage

1.5 hm³ Inflow/yr

Intelligent Inflow Forecast

The main challenge for this project was the selection of the correct input parameters the modelling of occurring time delays between the inflows. We used an individual inflow forecast based on proprietary machine learning algorithms and more than 30 meteorological parameters. After 3 months of operation, the self-adjusting algorithms and the resulting inflow forecast showed promising results.

Smart Plant Controller

Due to the plant’s rather small size and a missing technical infrastructure to encompass the HYDROGRID Insight solution, we supplied a HYDROGRID Smart Plant Controller (SPC) to enable the remote connectivity to the power plant. The communication works via modbus connection and has no incoming connections to provide the highest security.

Intelligent Spill Reduction

After successfully calibrating all parameters and algorithms, HYDROGRID Insight pre-emptively lowered reservoir levels before substantial inflow events with its fully-automated optimal dispatch solution. The optimal dispatch always takes constraints into account, in this example notably the minimum reservoir level prohibiting a further reduction in reservoir level before big inflow events.


Achieved results between October 2018 and August 2019









Achieved Price


All results as a comparison between level regulation pre-HYDROGRID and production strategy of HYDROGRID Insight